AESC 53rd Annual Meeting

The 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Eye Study Club is scheduled for August 3 - 7 at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa in Farmington, PA.  The resort is about 80 miles south of Pittsburgh.
Here is a photo of this year's attendees taken in front of the Chateau at Nemacolin Woodland Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania.  The group picture was taken during the morning break on Thursday, August 5, 2010.  (Click on the picture to see a larger version of it.)
AESC 2010 -- Photo Album

Click on the link below to view a photo album of pictures from the 2010 annual meeting.  Photos by Tom Lee, Joel Schuman and Rich Paul.  Video (see YouTube link below) supplied by Joel Schuman. 

If you have any photos from the meeting you'd like to share with the Club members, please send to Rich Paul.
 Baptism YouTube video
 Particular Items of Interest

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Cooking Class Recipes -- CLICK HERE to download the recipes from the dishes presented at the Nemacolin cooking demonstration.  (This is a PDF file.)  Try your hand at these yummy items:
  Tuna Tartare on Fired Wonton
  Crispy Lobster Pops
  Asparagus & Lemon Mascarpone Prosciutto Rolls

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Meeting Location
The 2010 annual meeting is at the Nemacolin Woodland Resort and Spa in Farmington, Pennsylvania.  This is about 80 miles south of the Pittsburgh International Airport.  The resort is about 35 miles from the Morgantown, WV, airport.  Morgantown is served by commuter flights through Washington-Dulles Airport.

View a Mapquest map of this year's meeting site here.

About the Resort

Here are a few YouTube videos about the Nemacolin Woodland Resort & Spa.  Enjoy!

The Weather in Farmington

Check out the current weather at Nemacolin! 

Here's the Weather Underground page for the current conditions at Nemacolin and the surrounding area.

Nemacolin airfield -- Here is some information about Nemacolin's private airstrip (PA88) located on the hotel property.