AESC Named Lectures and Awards

The American Eye Study Club has established two named lectures and an award in honor of several prominent members.

1st (1987) - Philip Knapp, MD
2nd (1988) - Stanley M. Truhlsen, MD
3rd (1989) - Edward W. D. Norton, MD
4th (1990) - Robert B. Welch, MD
5th (1991) - Louis J. Girard, MD
6th (1992) - Thomas R. Hedges, Jr., MD
7th (1993) - Robert J. Brockhurst, MD
8th (1994) - Malcolm A. McCannell, MD    
9th (1995) - Eugene M. Helveston, MD
10th (1996) - Thomas E. Acers, MD
11th (1997) - Morton S. Cox, Jr., MD
12th (1998) - James C. Newton, MD
13th (1999) - Edward K. Isbey, Jr., MD
14th (2000) - A. Robert Bellows, MD
15th (2001) - Murray A. Johnstone, MD
16th (2002) - F. Daryel Ellis, MD
17th (2003) - Terry Bergstrom, MD
18th (2004) - Donald L. Hall, MD
19th (2005) - Z. Nicholas Zakov, MD
20th (2006) - Walter Peterson, MD
21st (2007) - Harold E. Shaw, Jr., MD
22nd (2008) - William Quayle, MD
23rd (2011) - John G. Clarkson, MD
24th (2012) - Barrett G. Haik, MD
25th (2013) - Joe McFarland, MD
26th (2014) - George Ellis Jr., MD
27th (2015) - William J. Knauer, III, MD
28th (2016) - Gregory L. Skuta, MD
29th (2017) - Steven V.L. Brown, MD
30th (2018) - Martin Wand, MD
31st (2019) - John A. Irvine, MD
2020 - no meeting 
32nd (2021) - Edward K. Isbey III, MD
33rd (2022) - Bradley Fouraker, MD
34th (2023) - Ann Acers-Warn MD

The Albert D. Ruedemann, Jr. Lecture

The Ruedemann Lecture was established in the late 1980s to
honor the memory of Dr. Albert D. Ruedemann, Jr., one of the 
creators and founding members of the American Eye Study Club. 
Just as Ed Isbey, Jr. is now, Dr. Ruedemann was the driving force 
behind the AESC for many years and served as its 
Secretary-Treasurer for nine years and as its President in 1967
during his last year as an Active member.  He was a brilliant and 
innovative clinician, surgeon, and thinker who practiced in Detroit, 
Michigan, where his father, also an ophthalmologist, was a
Professor at Wayne State University and the first Director of the
Kresge Eye Institute.  For more than two decades, many of our
profession's leading figures have delivered this lecture in
Dr. Ruedemann's honor.

Watch a video in which Elsie Ruedemann reminisces about Al.

1st (2004) - H. Dunbar Hoskins, Jr., MD
2nd (2005) - George Ellis, Jr., MD
3rd (2006) - Clay B. Tousey, Jr.
4th (2007) - C.P. "Pat" Wilkinson, MD
5th (2008) - Bruce E. Spivey, MD
6th (2009) - B. Thomas Hutchinson., MD
7th (2010) - Stephen A. Kamenetzky, MD
8th (2011) - William L. Rich, MD
9th (2012) - Richard L. Abbott, MD
10th (2013) - Thomas Weingeist, PhD, MD
11th (2014) - Michael X. Repka, MD MBA
12th (2015) - Paul R. Lichter, MD
13th (2016) - Susan Day, MD
14th (2017) - David W. Parke II, MD
15th (2018) - George A. Willliams, MD
16th (2019) - Edward Buckley, MD
2020 - no meeting 
17th (2021) - Paul P. Lee, MD JD 
18th (2022) - Stephen McLeod, MD
19th (2023) - David C. Herman, MD

AESC Foundation
Jerry & Donna Knauer Lecture

The American Eye Study Club Foundation was established in
2003 as a charitable trust to support the educational and
philanthropic goals of the AESC.  An annual lecture was started
the following year to highlight the Foundation and to recognize
a member who embodies the principles for which it stands.  At
the 50th AESC annual meeting in 2007, it is fitting that this
lecture be named for Jerry and Donna Knauer, a charter
member of the AESC and strong supporters of the Foundation.

John H. Killian Award

In memory of Dr. John H. Killian (entering class of 1985), the 
Club honors a member of a "graduating class" other than
the president who has embodied the spirit and active
participation that characterized John's involvement in the
American Eye Study Club.

1999 - Thomas L. Beardsley   hhh
2000 - Richard P. Wilson
2001 - Arlo C. Terry
2002 - Todd Zwickey
2004 - E. Randy Craven
2005 - J. Brent Bond 
2008 - Bradley D. Fouraker 
2009 - Anthony P. Johnson
2011 - William S. Clifford 
2012 - G. Phillip Matthews
2013 - Constance E. West
2015 - Derek Sprunger
2016 - Louise Mawn
2018 - Tom Lee
2019 - Daniel E. Neely
2022 - Joseph M. Coney