About the American Eye Study Club

The American Eye Study Club was formed in 1956 by a group of leading ophthalmologists to sought to establish a forum for young leaders from diverse academic, geographic and practice backgrounds to openly exchange ideas and discuss new developments in a scientific and social setting that included both members and their families.

View a video in which Dr. Ed Isbey, Jr. reminisces about the founders and what the AESC means to him.

The AESC is a membership group organized as a non-profit corporation.  Its officers which constitute the "executive committee" are:

  • President
  • President-elect
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Recording Secretary
  • Immediate Past-president
To view the current officers, CLICK HERE.

Membership includes approximately 60 Active members who, after 10 years of membership, move to Emeritus status.  A member may retain their Emeritus status indefinitely, and may move to "retired" status when they cease the active practice of ophthalmology.

Club History


A list of our current officers.

Presidents & Meetings

AESC Presidents and Annual Meeting Locations.

Lectures & Awards

The American Eye Study Club has established two named lectures and an award in honor of several prominent members.

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