AESC New Member Travel Grants

The Trustees of the American Eye Study Club recognize the critical importance new members bring to the vitality of the organization.  Lectures and participation in discussion by younger ophthalmologists helps to keep the educational sessions on the cutting edge of medical and surgical thought, as well as revealing new ideas and approaches to patient care.  Plus, a steady stream of new members helps a lot with the jokes!

In order to help foster the involvement of young ophthalmologists in educational and scientific mission of the Club, the Trustees of the AESC Foundation have approved the award of a $1,000 travel grant to each new member attending their first annual meeting.

To request the grant, new members are requested to complete our ONLINE FORM.

While the Trustees completely expect to disburse these funds to new members, we realize that some members may not need or want financial support.  If that is the case, a member may decline the grant, or you may donate it back to the Foundation.  This is completely optional; there's no pressure to turn back these funds.  If you wish to re-donate the funds, please contact the AESC administrative office for assistance.

We certainly hope that in the future, you will feel strongly about the organization and will be inclined to help the Foundation grow.  In the meantime, welcome to the American Eye Study Club!


Last Updated on Monday, September 04, 2017 03:00 PM