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2019 Annual Meeting Abstracts

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Named Lectures

Ruedemann Lecture

John A. Irvine, MD
Doheny Eye Institute
Pasadena, CA


Jerry & Donna Knauer AESC Foundation Lecture

Edward Buckley, MD
Duke University Eye Center
Durham, NC


General Session Program

OMIC Risk Management Presentation -- "TBA"

The following abstracts have been submitted for the summer 2019 AESC meeting.  Abstracts will be posted here as they are submitted.

Epley, David -- "ABO MOC FYI 
  • Summary:  I will present a brief update from the ABO regarding the status of Maintenance of Certification for ophthalmologists who are board certified and participating in the MOC process. The talk will address the ABO's efforts to make the process less onerous and better integrated into the daily flow of a busy ophthalmology practice. 
  • Educational objectives:  All Board Certified ophthalmologists since 1996 have been required to participate in MOC. This talk will educate diplomates of the ABO about changes to the program and the best way to stay in compliance.
  • Schedule Restrictions: None
  • Conflict of interest disclosure received:  YES

Miller, Aaron M.-- "Considerations and Advancements in Managing the Adult with Double Vision 
  • Summary:  A systematic assessment of the adult with diplopia complaints will be reviewed along with surgical and non-surgical management. There have been recent advancements in the management of orbital inflammatory conditions with the introduction of new immune suppressants. Their role in managing the adult patient with diplopia complaints will be discussed along with surgical considerations made in a few case-by-case examples. This discussion will focus on the adult patient with thyroid eye disease-related diplopia.
  • Educational objectives:  Attendees will gain knowledge on how to systematically assess and best manage adults with diplopia complaints, with attention made to the more common causes such as thyroid eye disease.
  • Schedule Restrictions: None
  • Conflict of interest disclosure received:  NO

Shaw, Hal -- "A Deadly Case of the Blind Staggers 
  • Summary: Investigation of a suspected homicide resulted in a surprising discovery. Stay tuned to find out whodunit...or whatdunit...in this intriguing forensic case. 
  • Educational objectives:  This presentation is designed to heighten diagnostic awareness about potential life-threatening disorders ophthalmologists might encounter.
  • Schedule Restrictions: Not Saturday
  • Conflict of interest disclosure received:  YES

Schwartz, Stephen G.-- "Famous Monocular Warriors 
  • Summary:  The loss of an eye can be associated with many negative and lifelong consequences to a patient. Interestingly, some of the most successful military commanders in history have been monocular. These include Philip II of Macedon, Federico III da Montefeltro (my personal favorite, and the subject of a previous AESC talk), and perhaps Horatio Nelson, although the evidence in support of Nelson's eye injury is questionable. Their life stories are interesting and may prove inspiring to ophthalmologists and to our patients.
  • Educational objectives:  This talk presents a different view on the lives of people who lost an eye in adulthood, this may help ophthalmologists provide better counseling to their patients.
  • Schedule Restrictions: ONLY Wednesday 7/31/19
  • Conflict of interest disclosure received:  NO

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