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2021 Annual Meeting Abstracts

Updated:  4/15/2021

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Overview Schedule for the week 

Named Lectures


Ruedemann Lecture

Edward K. Isbey, III, MD
Asheville Eye Associates
Asheville, NC


Jerry & Donna Knauer AESC Foundation Lecture



General Session Program

The following abstracts have been submitted for the summer 2021 AESC meeting.  
Abstracts will be posted here as they are submitted.  Check the bottom of the page to see when this this information was last updated.

Ellis, Forrest James -- "The JelliSee accommodating IOL" 
  • Summary:  A shape changing monofocal IOL that fully restores accommodation after cataract surgery is considered the "Holy Grail" of ophthalmology innovation. Modeled after the lens of a child; a monofocal, foldable, in the bag, single piece shape changing IOL has been developed. Prototype testing has shown accommodation amplitude exceeding 6 diopters on an optical bench. Primate studies will have started by the scheduled time of the meeting. First in human studies are scheduled for fall of 2021 
  • Educational objectives: The presentation will explain the physical and optical properties of the youthful human lens and how these properties are mimicked by the described accommodating IOL
  • Schedule Restrictions: None
  • Conflict of interest disclosure received:  Yes
Miller, Aaron M. -- "Break the Mold: Life Experience from Home Toxic Mold Exposure" 
  • Summary:  Mold is everywhere and typically does not create major health issues unless the levels are high and/or an individual is particularly sensitive from an allergy standpoint. This talk will provide insight to others on the last 8 years of my family's life after moving into a new-build house in 2014 in a suburb of Houston. Personal experience and important aspects of a home construction will be presented as it pertains to mold production and prevention. Additional health-related signs and symptoms of toxic mold exposure will be presented along with identifying remediation techniques to provide a safe home and work living environment. Lastly, when a mold remediation resolution is not obtained with the builder, the legal actions that can be taken will be presented. 
  • Educational objectives: Most physicians are unaware of the potential health ramifications of toxic mold exposure and how to remediate structures that have mold proliferation.
  • Schedule Restrictions: Not on Thursday
  • Conflict of interest disclosure received:  Yes
Shaw, Harold E. Jr. -- "Hickam's Dictum Redux - A Cautionary Tale" 
  • Summary: This presentation describes a rare complication and unique clinical course following cataract surgery and it highlights important aspects of patient care in complex cases.
  • Educational objectives: The purpose of this lecture is to inform ophthalmologists of a rare complication following cataract surgery and to educate them about critical thinking skills in complex cases.
  • Schedule Restrictions: Not on Thursday
  • Conflict of interest disclosure received:  Yes
Vakharia, Mitul R. -- "Randomized Controlled Trial of IOL Orientation for Dysphotopsia" 
  • Summary: The purpose of this research study was to evaluate whether positioning a monofocal intraocular lens (IOL) in different orientations during cataract surgery would decrease the incidence and/or severity of positive and negative dysphotopsia. Read more... 
  • Educational objectives: Does IOL haptic orientation affect dysphotopsia symptoms, and what orientation is best to reduce these symptoms?
  • Schedule Restrictions: None
  • Conflict of interest disclosure received:  Yes
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